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 - Tiborg


Tiborg learn early-on how to master instruments like the piano, the drums and the saxophone. Tiborg also takes on a particular interest in singing and at age 15 concretizes this passion by taking classes in both jazz and operatic vocal techniques, earning a Diploma at 19 from the Conservatoire of Music.As a teenager, largely influenced by various musical styles among Electronic, Pop and Rock, Tiborg refines his own musical universe and starts writing his first tunes.In 2000, Tiborg founds his own recording studio and label company, thus giving himself the appropriate tools to explore his musical creativity. This venture brings about many important opportunities such as the signing of his first contract in 2003 with East West (Warner Music France). Tiborg is invited to perform in Clubs and at private events all over Europe and Russia. Tiborg furthers his traveling experience in the USA.Back to his recording studio, Tiborg contributes his talent to several renowned artists as a composer, executive producer and remixer. Always experimenting new sounds and machines, Tiborg decides to take time to work on his own tracks.Late 2008, Tiborg’s skill is highlighted by his remix of’s ‘Get Your Money’ for Interscope Records. In 2009, other remixes follow: La Roux, Mika, Milk Inc., Junior Caldera and Christophe Willem whose ‘Heartbox’ remix was featured at the 2010 NRJ Music Awards.In 2011, with his friend Eddy de Datsu, Tiborg remixed 30 Seconds To Mars’ “Kings and Queens” released in Japan for New-York based label Ultra Records.In April 2013, Tiborg presents his first single “If U Wanna Be Loved”, melting Pop and Electronic sounds.Tiborg is presently in the process of recording his first studio album. The lyrics, such as in his next single “Ukamané” from the upcoming album « Out Of Nowhere » speaks of several topics essential to him: Freedom, Love, personal growth and evolution.