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 - The Soulfellaz


Francesco was born in Perugia in 1989 by a family of music lovers,listeners and collectors. Since he was a little child, he comes in contact with jazz,funk,blues and gospel singers/musicians on internationl events like "Umbria Jazz" and "Trasimeno Blues" thanks to his family. By the first year of 2000 he started frequents house clubs like Red Zone listening the Best Sound by the most famous House Guest stars world wilde:Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Osunlade, Timmy Regisford,the resident dee jay's Sauro Cosimetti & Ricky L and many more. By the years later he started have the need of collect vinyl and start play music. He played on many private parties and clubs in Perugia like: Matrioska,Tu Candela,Jet Set,Zona Industriale, Zero7Cinque,Flash club, Jacadis club,Borgonova club and Bomboneira. In 2007 he meets Giovanni Ikome and start a Music relashionship with him. They're created "THE Soulfellaz",supported by famous artists like:Sauro Cosimetti,Tony Loreto,Duce Martinez,Luis Radio, Bobby Morales, Ray Vasquez, Roloand Clark, Osunlade and many more. The Soulfellaz actually works for some new remixes and ep's that will be release in the future. Actually Freelance Dj & Producer, Francesco works for an ITALIAN LABEL (SPIRIT Sound Records),4 an American one to (Soul Shift music) and gets more contacts expecially in the italian territory.