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The Soul Elephant first gained notoriety on the international dance scene in 2003 with two 12" House EPs, "Pushing On", and "Negril". Both vinyl releases sold out within a few weeks and went on to be featured on compilation cds sold worldwide in records stores, big box stores, etc.The momentum from the EP's created exciting new opport unit ies including t he creat ion of t he int ernat ional pop dance act s "Candy" and "D&A Design Lab" with friend and partner Arno Sojo. Candy scored a hit in 2007 with the "Candy From Strangers EP" In 2009 the same players were back as D&A Design Lab and scored another huge release with Ripe.As of 2012 tracks by The Soul Elephant and his monikers (Candy, D&A Design Lab, Hitchy, Dax Wadley, etc.) have received support from trend setting djs such as Junior Vasquez, Roger Sanchez, Mat t Darey, Above & Beyond, Sander Kleinenberg, Markus Schulz, Gavyn Mytchel, D-Formation, Marco Corvino, Ronald Van Gelderen, Sandra Collins, Dan Marciano, Stephan Grondin, The Flash Brothers, Angelo Mike, Pineapple, Innate, Mike Foyle, Cassandria Daiva, Airwave, and Simon Houser just to name a few.


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Minimize, One Million Toys, Shiloh, Mr. Y, Marcus Almen, Pedro Aguiar, Espen, Knut, Maximus Bellini, DJ Nightnoise, Mehmet Akar, Peter Wagner, DJ Borra, Ange, Levente, Yuriy From Russia, Jorg Zimmer, Yves Eaux, Luke Chable, Danny Bonnici, Nubah, Single Man, Mimax, Stephan Bazbaz, Pte, Heads Down Music, Asten Wave, Marc Moan, Matt Purkis, Orelse, Mr.Raf, Killo Schneider, Oliver Harper, Jochem Peterson, Philip Anders, Swamp Factory, Dany T, Pako Parisi, Re-Bound, Indepth, Tirrenia Vibe, Orquesm, Matthew Freedz, Aeonism, Beat Factory, Harem Tone, Techno Phobia, Artem Troiski, Pincode, Tigerhook Corp., Tim Jirgenson, Ewan Rill, SambaTech, Bram, Full Funktion, Beckers, D-Nox, Big Al, Alfredo Mena, Sandr, Makau & Kagl, Descent, Deng & Slavak, Chris Drifter, MB Project, Jaap Ligthart, Smartrunner, Zack Roth, Ad Brown, Alzo, Chris Junior, Robert Mint, Anton Stellz, Saten, MonoMode, Alex Villanueva, Innate, Ziger, LMR, Reelaux, Cristian R, UNIC, Ogawa, Steve Valentine, Atlantis Ocean, Dubfunk, Disoul, The Soul Elephant, Lank, Joe Kolbohm, Darko De Jan, Claudio Bonaldi, Thanos Kous, Makotrax, Alex & Filip, Tempered DJs, Fusion F & Come T, Summer Brendon Collins, David Prap, Willy Real, Ticon, Jay Storic, Alessandro, Overloque, Positiv3, Christian Rith, Ivan Demsoff, Threshold Productions, Indepth, One Million Toys, Ziger, Smartrunner, FM Radio Gods, Chris Drifter, Randall Jones, Lank, Descent, Disko Dario, Reelaux, M Clis, Adrianos Papadeas, Jochem Peterson, Chunky Fuckers
Baroque Digital | 2012-08-06