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 - The Funk Lab


The Funk Lab started in the mid-nineties on a mission to create funky electro beats and breaks. Over the years, their sound has evolved from the funkier Florida breaks of the 90s to the present day blendof progressive breaks fused with electro undertones. Throughout their journey, they have embraced the many influences coming from their initial efforts and experiences as DJs within the breaks community. Immersed within the sound that they had come to love, The Funk Lab continues to adapt to changes in technology and has incorporated those changes into their productions and live performances. Their works can be found on its own imprint, Funk Lab Records as well as Overhead, Ricochet, Hallucin8 Trax, Reach, Dreamscape, Insomniac, Zazoo, StreetBeat, PanDisc, Paragon, Sanitary Sounds, Electronic Arts, and Timewarner/AOL.