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 - Tha Trickaz


Pho (Dirtyphonics’s founder) & DJ iRaize (Tha New Team’s founder) founded Tha Trickaz ten years ago, based on a mutual need to push musical boundaries as well as their own technical limits.Tha Trickaz represent the perfect combination between dubstep, hip-hop and electro music. Their live performances best illustrate the magic of combined imagination : rare and traditional vinyl cut up with sampling, scratching, analog instruments & the MPC real time drumming. All this combined with killer beats to shake the floor! The originality of their music has initiated worldwide collaborations with respected artists such as Lord Of The Underground, Tha Alkhaolics, Killarmy, Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man), Non Genetic, Mc Yoke (Tokyo), Ali (45 Scientific)...They also released official remixes for artists such as Cassius, WaxTailor, Chinese man...In 2010 they created their own label called ”Disquette Records” and released "The Cloud EP” in 2010, “Megaphone”, "The Free EP" and "Cloud Adventures" in 2011. They Also released 2 EP "Sentai" and "Kill it F**k it" On Play Me Records recently awarded Best Dubstep Label.