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 - Tadeo Quinto


Tadeo Quinto previously performing under name Techfreak is a producer, dj, promoter, label manager and an artist of a kind.Started in 1981 with taping radio charts and increasing his cassette collection weekly at his age of 8. Vinyl began to pile up in 1998 and stopped in 2008 when he started using controllers and laptops for his performances.In his area, he has made a big mark with his dj-ing, organizing events and bringing different people together. Since 1996 he organized and performed on many events and after parties in his surroundings; from basements to underground bunkers, clubs and openairparties.For more than 15 years he was forming his sound in his rooms and studios starting with ReBirth in the 90's. Lately he is focusing on finally releasing his fresh material; tech house, dark tech, techno & minimal. Forming a tech house and techno label Melocotón Records in 2011 and a dark techno & minimal label called Buzón Audio in 2012. Founder of "electronic music society" KUD Technologia in 2002 & Musica E Mundo in 2010.