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 - T.H.I.A.N.


His connection with music is set at an early age as his mother was on a space in a radius of Barcelona. As a teenager moving to Alicante where his first vinyls of Funk, House, Electro and Ebm begin to populate their premature suitcase. At this early age he discovers DJs like José Ribes or Angel Molina , among many others, which leads him to discover new horizons and ways of understanding stylistic September 1 .At 16 he began his first performances in the prestigious local partners Metro .With his return to Barcelona starts its real takeoff, reveling in his sessions with residencies and performances at venues such as Camelot , Cha -Cha , Royal Session ( City Hall) , Tijuana , La Terrazza , Cyberian , La Cova or Cala Moorish , sharing a cabin with National artists ofthe caliber as , Jose de Divina , Cesar del Rio and others ...With 26 years he moved to Palma de Mallorca where THIAN is introduced into the circuit leading clubs of the city. It is at this time that he began his fruitful collaborations with the creative platform , Label , Booking Agency and Promoter Flumo , doing sessions with artists such as Kiki , 3 Channels , Damian Lazarus , Smash TV, Pier Bucci , Pascal FEOS , Marck Broom , Dave Dk , Gaetana Parisio , etc .....His excellent work has led him to develop his sets in countries like Germany, Italy , France, Holland , Belgium , Argentina and Brazil . In the country carioca has made a successful tour in 2008 and 2009 through cities like Buenos Aires , Rio de Janeiro , Sao Paulo , Arraial D' Ajuda , Trancoso or Campo Grande , Natal ...THIAN sessions as a DJ are rooted in the more electronic cutting house and are always a door to innovation and that are enriched with the constant influence of the latest trends in giving our sets of an attractive personality.With 35 years after taking over 15 years behind the dishes , their stage of production begins at work translating all these tendencies acquired during these years , THIANcon the collaboration of his brother Trend Recordings Collective have created which is Managerment and partner MHT fundadador Corporate ..