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Sysknob is he owner of Expmental Records. This Basque guy shows his carefulness about electronic sounds and sonic experimentation in each release and live set. Known as Sysknob at his most experimental and minimalistic ventures, always being together with the dance floor, he uses different aliases for different productions (e.g. Eddy Romero, Lock:edd, Magneto:Phono). He has played on many festivals, in the best clubs of Spain, many clubs around France and on very important parties like Vertigo in the Fabrik, Madrid. His music is characterised with an elegant mental sound and a subtle aggressiveness. He doesn’t like tags and can adapt perfectly to any style because of his musical passion. His biggest project has been the Soundvision Fest (, an audiovisual festival which combines electronic music culture with visual art that is taking place in his home town San Sebastian. His label Expmental Records was nominated in the prestigious Spanish DJONERS as Best Newcomer Label in 2010 and in several categories in 2011 (Best National DJ, Best Techno-Minimal producer, Best Techno-Minimal Label and Best Newcomer Label). In 2012 he will release his first album on Expmental Records and go on tour with a new live set.