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 - Sven Hanke


His civic name is Sven Hanke and it ́s the same under which he appears as a DJ – why complicated if it ś that easy. Recently stepping up we can read his pseudonym „Czernobyl“ on posters and flyers. He is coming from Riesa and has studied mechanical engineering. In the early 90s Sven started to grapple himself with music and the „Ravesound“ like „The KLF“ did it. The weekly TV show „MTV Partyzone“ hosted by Simone Angel had an significant influence – Sven started consuming CDs and Mixtapes. In 1995 he bought his first turntables plus mixer and is a Technics 1210-fetishist by today. The first records were grabbed in Hardwax, Dresden and mixing technique was improved in his own four walls from now on. Stilistically he prefers Techno and describes it as a pumping one with heart, soul and danceability bursted with energy. Especially Birmingham, Chicago, No Future/Brighton and Detroit tracks are often integrated in his sets as well as Industrial or Electro. His work as a editor for the Vibe Magazine underpins Sven ́s musical openness. He supplys the categories of record reviews and interviews/portraits (for example Surgeon, James Ruskin, Lenny Dee, Alexander Kowalski, Alan Oldham, Subhead, Mark Hawkins, Michael Forshaw just to name a few) with recent texts. You can hear him the most in the middle of Germany but his DJ activities already brought him to Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.