Key Commands
 - Brothers Grinn


Originally on the garage scene in the late 90's and early 00's. Under the names Dub-c and Uluvit releasing tracks under various labels such as Subfunk Records. They held a few residences most notibly GARAGE NATION for Kent venues. As the garage scene dispersed they found themselves drawn to the Electro house scene, House wasn't a word they were normally comfortable with but similarities between Electro's bouncy bassline rhythms and the old garage bounce were drawing them in. Holding Events in Kent such as Elecatech , they didn't have much time for production....but , as the scene became more minimal and reminded them of the old repetitive house tracks of days gone by they turned their hand to producing again but this time they were trying to incorporate all that they loved about Rave, Jungle, Hardcore, Garage, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass and...Electro. The result is not far off what people call Dubstep but they just call it bass music/uk bass.