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Sergio Castilla , Madrid , Spain No need for introductionwhen it comes to Sergio Castilla , His sound could bedescribed as techouse and techno , but strong and Fast,Heavy but clean and bursting with crazy production andmusical ideas, he have sent crowds wild all over the globe.With releases own labels : Audiowars Records, AudiogroundRecords & Tattoonimal Records will show his diversity insound. His productions included in sets & charted by CARLCOX, CRIST IAN VARELA, MARCO BAILEY, etc... SergioCastilla was born and raised in Madrid , Spain . At an earlyage of 13 sergios brother have a mixtable and sergypractice in your home , At the age of 13 he would discoverhis true love to be electronic music. in 1999 Starting as aresident DJ in 2 clubs , he gradually started performing inspanish clubs as well. n 2004 sergio to take a course inelectronic music production in Loca fm . New doors wouldopen in 2007 when he became second at the deejaymagscontest, and then again in 2008,by winning the best deejayrevelation of spain & best track of the year. He did learn thatone doesnt achieve much without working hard. sergioloves to work hard as much as possible; sleeping is for later.A positive result of this is seen on a daily basis in thestudio, where he works on tracks and DJ sets, puzzling justas long as it takes to get it to sound right and release theright energy. He is constantly on the road or at work in thestudio and doesnt take his job lightly. He invests all ofhis energy to make sure he can give the best possibleperformance to his audiences all around the World. Hismixture of party techno, minimal and electronic house meanshe is a permanent fixture at all major European festivals andclubs. With love, hard work and fantastic sounds he hassucceeded in gaining worldwide recognition.Feel the powerof Sergio Castillas music and his Live sets.


Midnight Heroes, Vol. 2 (Mixed By A.C.K.) (Special Edition! 4 DJ Mixes & 65 Unmixed Tracks for Underground People)
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