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 - Seraphim


Kenneth Hope, aka Seraphim, is a DJ/Producer/Label Owner from Central Florida, US.In 2005 he set out to teach himself to write music.After DJing in the late 90’s into the Millenium, writing tracks out, to him, was the next step toward feeding this obsession of twisted electronic music. His style has since morphed towards moody deep Tech House and Deep Techno.In February 2007 Kenneth released his first track with Interstellar Paradise Records, including works such as “Save Our World” and “Creatures”.In June 2009, Kenneth connected with Brett Abramson, aka Numinous. This relationship led to the launch of “Lucid Recordings” in February, 2011. There collaborative partnership ran “Lucid Recordings” 3 years, 9 EP’s and a solid VA with artist’s such as, Michael Rosa, Chad Andrew, Randall M, Sebastian Paiza, Amo, Chris Domingo and more. Be on the look out for Kenneth’s next journey as he launches “Rabbit Hole” in 2014, a label that will define what he’s into stylistically beyond what he produce’s, as Lucid has .