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16 yr old producer and DJ . I got in the Game in November 2010---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT: Dano Sepi is a 16 year old Slovak music producer and DJ. Sepi (pronounced SHEPI)mainly focuses on electronic music (more specifically dubstep) but does also make hip hop beats for fun . Sepi has been producing since the beginning of November 2010, and DJing since the End of December that year. Sepi works in Fl Studio 10 and recently Logic 9 Pro . ================================================== COLLABS/REMIXES :Sepi is looking for other producers that are willing to collab on a tune. If anyone is Interested just message Dano Sepi on Fb or hit me him up on Soundcloud/Youtube. If anyone has any recommendations of tracks they would want remixed or think would be good remixed don t hesitate and message me :P ================================================== SUPPORT :If anyone ever wants any of my tunes just message me they are all free 320's (except those being release on Ep's :P) . I would be delited if anyone that has a dubstep channel on youtube upload a tune of mine for promotion . If any promotion is done (i.e. Share on FB, or Sent out to friends) is greatly appreciated and if requested can receive exclusives :) Also please follow me on my various website :P ================================================== STYLE :Sepi is not limited to one genre of music . He likes to try different things and experiment. Eventhought he focuses mainly on Dubstep he also makes hip hop beats, chilled out atmospheric music, cinema oriented music etc. ================================================== KONTAKT / BOOKINGS :Personal Fb : Personal Email : Youtube Acc : Skype : daniel..sheppardFanpage :