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 - Schwarz & Funk


Bob Schwarz and Jesse Funk have known each ot hersince t hey worked at Radio Skyline in t he early 90ies,Bob working as an audio engineer and being alsoresponsible for commercials and jingles.Aft er t hat period t he t wo of t hem lost cont act for awhile, Bob st art ed a small st udio of his own, his workas a professional musician keeping him busy as well.Jesse had his own club for several years and alreadydid a lot of djing. Bet ween 95 and 97, when Jessewas t ouring Ibiza (El Divino/ Privilege/et c.), he finallydecided t o st art his own producing.He had played in several punk bands himself duringt he 80ies and had preserved and cult ivat ed his ownopen-minded musical t alent .In t he early 90ies, Jesse finally focused on Djing.Burst ing wit h many innovat ive ideas, he was lookingfor t he right part ner t o realize t hem.He cont act ed his long t ime friend Bob, and t his mat chproved t o be perfect . A great and creat ivecooperat ion began and cont inued t o be successfuland sat isfying t hroughout t he 90ies and t o dat e.This t eam really hit it off from t he beginning. Firstt hey st art ed experiment ing wit h different st yles, int he meant ime t hey concent rat e on chill and housemusic and have creat ed t heir own individual sound ast hey like t o point out . Bob and Jesse always enjoyplaying most part s of t heir music t hemselves, on realinst rument s.We love t o work wit h audio files and inst rument s, andwe're bored by quant ized midi.Being professional musicians t hemselves, t heynat urally came t o know many excellent musicians t heylove t o involve on t heir project s as oft en as possible.Joe T. Aykut , a good friend for many years andexcept ional guit arist can be regarded as t heir biggestasset . His spect acular solo performance forms one oft he key component s of Bob`s and Jesse`s houseproject s. Lit t le wonder t hat such big st ars as J.C.A., Barbara Tucker and even t he Bee Gees are keen t oemploy him.Bob and Jesse est ablished t heir first st udio in Bob`snew home in Bocksberg. In t he meant ime Jesse hadalso a st udio of his own and t hat `s how t hey creat edt he joint boxberg st udios. Their newest project ,however, is planned t o t ake place on Ibiza. Followinga CD-product ion for Ibizalife and a number of project swit h Pic and Micha. t he t ime has come t o move on t oIbiza, t he cent re of music life. Ibizalife andBoxbergst udios are at t he beginning of a promisingcollaborat ion, which offers various opport unit ies t opresent t heir performance even more effect ively.During t he recent years t heir musical out put hasraised up t o over 200 t racks, released oncompilat ions worldwide. Their composing workincludes commercial t racks for Alfa Romeo ads, aswell as for Luft hansa, Tui, Volkswagen, Orange, Pilat esand Brit a and more.All art ist s share t he same passion ; making andproducing music is a must :"We will cont inue t o produce and make music, creat ecommercials, support and record bands, refine DJproductions, et c...we just have t o do it ..."


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Trance Gold Records | 2014-08-22
Chillout - 200 Chillout Songs
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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-08-01
200 Finest Lounge and Chillout Songs
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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-07-04
Best of Lounge Music 2014 200 Songs
Schwarz & Funk, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Spiridion, Novo Som, Enrico Donner, Oscar Salguero, Mellow Cloud, Chickenskin, Stereoliner, Loungeside, Ricky Martini Dj, Y. G., D Project, Alteria, Vincent Vicente, Danny Rodia, Brazilian Friends, DJ MRG, Junior D, The Night Of Chill House, The Sky, Maximilian V, Erdton, Subjazz, Pater Rob, Thundermike, Fancy Vienna, Fred Henderson, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Ajc, Spielwiese, Mykel Mars, Alex Nöthlich, Miguel Lando, Blue Wave, Spirit, Sound & Vision, Sky And Sand, Luigi, Riccardo, Jacek Stam, Downstairs, DJ Zoia, M.V.F, Jovifra, Benotto, Champion Beans, DJ Snail, Love Pacific Industries, Francesco Demegni, BarBQ, peot, Kenny Laakkinen, Tim Besamusca, Kim And Buran, Tilo Klas, Luciano Nieto, No Panties Allowed, Wave Motion, Squibb, DJ Danilkin, Baghira, Trillian, Taha, Diego Polimeno, Alberto Vigano, Deephonia, Sebastien Angrand, J Sasz, Maya, Cazintel, Cosmic Quest, Solanos, John Soultek, Rey Salinero, Maurice Scoville, Exit Mars, Mashtoko, Mr Luke, Urban Razz Collectiv, Belinse, Lavejazz, Koichi Sakai, The Big-t, New World Lounge, Counting Clouds, Andriesh, Cut N Glue, Pcm, Manik, Octario, D.c. Beat Productions, The Sura Quintet, Mono Tuned, Blue Horizon, Downbeat Crackz, Sunny Bay, 8 Bit, TD, Sonia Brex, Plaza, Nausicaa, United DJ's, Sweet Pepper, Seven Dreams, Manuel Merlini, Ricardo Princess, Music Paradise, Crazy Girls, L.P.V & Knight, Blue Garden, MD Project, Barcelona Grooves, Gabriel Marchisio, Kaweye, Rowla, Noiseevoluter, Inner Smile, Lynx, Electronic Yellow Jammer, The Junior D, Anjl, Executive, Oceanic Dream, The Man, Feel Good, Cane Garden Quartet, Mirage Of Deep, Lord Nord, Clark Parker, Armando Gomez, Dulcis Domus, Don Gorda, Aatoo Cito, KIM, Buran, Correspondence, Sthwayza, Numb Source, Dave Silovich, Johannes Eggenberger, Ladale, Lord Matteo, Lavejazz Project, Odyssey, City Capture, Wine & Dine, E1 Ten, Macao Cafe Music Pres., Audio Infinite Orchestral, Sonis R, Ess Aitch, Sake Lovers, Suntheca Prod., Arrojas, The Spectaphiles, Retrosynco, Saydash, Max Wilhelm, Prohibisound, Dean Ashby, Matthias Schenk, Liron Afuta, Blippo
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-06-20