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 - San.Dy


Career of DJ San.Dy began in 2003. San.Dy is progressive DJ, which reaches and seeks only himself. He is started occupied it professionally in 2006, that is the result of years of striving to become a DJ. In his work San.Dy spares great attention to quality materials and construction of sets, in which he use VINYL, CD and LIVE performance. San.Dy treats critically to other DJs as and to himself. In 2008, he became one of the founders of the project Sintetic, currently residents of project are DJ San.Dy и DJ Zeon. In 2009 San.Dy began to work over author..s tracks and remixes. Almost as all DJs, San.Dy prefer play and write music, which match to modern trend of club culture, as progressive, techno, house, tech- house, deep.