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 - Rxn


2013 is going to be a huge year for Rxn. He is making his entrance to dance music with a bang and isn't looking back. Completing production after production, he has already put over 50 under his belt in just under a year. It is said he was born clutching an instrument in his hand and at the tender age of 2, he took up an interest in playing the bass and bass guitar. Then, at just 8 years old, he began DJing. Because of his love of technology and music, he was instantly hooked. At the age of 15, Rxn discovered electronic music and fell in love. Armed with this passion, Rxn completely immersed himself into the dance music culture and learned all about the artists. Considering Rxn was raised on classic rock and classical music, he brings an enormous amount of musical knowledge and talent to the field with a fresh sound and a strong dedicated focus. After signing his first release on 12/12/12 with Rimoshee Recordings, Rxn’s first release, the ‘Kookaburra EP’ came out in March of 2013. He is set for an extremely rigorous release schedule throughout the year, with releases aiming for some of the biggest names and labels in dance music today. With support from names like Dzeko & Torres, Kryder, Vato Gonzalez, Paris & Simo, Ansol and many more, Rxn is set to make a gigantic splash into the world of electronic music.