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 - Roberto Parisi


Roberto Parisi Born in Naples in 1988, growing at Casoria province of Naples. Already as a child he listened to pop music, especially developed deep admiration for "the legend Michael Jackson."As she grows older his taste in music develop a variation, add to pop house music, in fact looking at the various music programs on television, begins to understand how strong this passion. At 13 he persuaded his father to buy a first console where the first steps towards the house music, and learned the first chords of this job.In 2006 he attended the Academy of Naples DJ "DJ Course, where he learned techniques of this discipline. In the same year he played the "White Night" and begins to do the first evening.Over the next 4-5 years ago the best dj in the villages, the first EP released on 28/06/2010 of 3 tracks. Submitted for the approval of the navigators of the Internet and not found lacking critical positive.Non are nil that part of life, and taught to keep our feet on the ground, even when you dream of becoming someone because you never stop d ' learn.