Key Commands
 - Rkane Stephens


Seth is a Producer / Composer from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA. He currently resides in New York, NY where he composes his tracks. He works on films as well as club tracks. And even though he makes music crossing various genres, his personal favorite from a production and listening standpoint has always been trance. Seth has spent his entire life in music as a performer. He started at the age of eight playing violin, and three months later had his first solo. Later on in life he decided to write and started playing piano. After playing in New York as a solo artist for a few years on piano, he started writing and performing as a solo artist on guitar as well. A couple years ago, he decided to stop performing and start producing. He'd like to be known as a producer as well as an "artist", but he knows it's the masses that decide an artists place in society. Seth was immersed into the electronic realm when he lived in South Beach for a few years from 2000-2003. He has always had a passion for electronic music, but living in Miami fueled his passion far beyond just listening having been immersed in a culture surrounded by the worlds best DJ’s. Seth keeps learning from every project he is involved with as a producer. More recently he's been branching out by linking up with people to collaborate with to strengthen his foundation and learn new processes. He is getting more attention as time goes by and he takes on new challenges. As Seth would say, “I just want my music out there”.