Key Commands
 - Phil Diamond


It was May 27th, 1989 of a beautifull spring when the young Filippo Diamantini (aka Phil Diamond) felt the first sounds of life. Born and rised in a small italian village called Saltara, he was soon attracted by electronic music but the real passion starts at 18th when he bought his first dj equipement. After 2 years of djing in various club of the country, bored and frustrated of having to sell tickets for performing, he decided to start producing his own music. From that moment, music give to him an identity and become a way of life, a way to inspire and be inspired. The results were not long in coming and in collaboration with his friend director Andrea Marcaccio, won an important competition for a spot established by region. Filippo's music it's not restricted to one genre cause the many stylistic influences that affected his carrer. The genres thant more characterize his sound are trance, progressive house and techno, with techy grooves, progressive basslines and uplifti ng melodies !