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 - PE & BAN


With a Work strongly consolidated in the best techno labelsin the world, Pe & Ban is the Brazilian duo formed by artistsRene Castanho, aka Pest, and Ban Schiavon.Rene Castanho presents himself as a professional DJsince 2003 and has been in the line up of the major clubsand festivals in Brazil. He’s been working as music producerfor eight years and collects dozens of music released bylabels from all around the world.Ban Schiavon has 20-year career as a DJ and is known inthe electronic scene in São Paulo for his technique andmusical taste. Commanded the radio program "Metro Tech",by radio Metropolitana FM for two years and today performsweekly in "Clubtronic", by radio Energia 97.T he trajectory of both took the same course in mid-2009with the beginning of the project and did not take long for Pe& Ban draw the attention of national and international labels.With strong influences of underground European technoscene, the first track released was “Here”, by Putz Records.T hen came “Trauma”, released by the label Naked Lunch,and a remix for “Mikrobass”, produced by Fabrício Peçanha,which gave the duo more notoriety for being the winning a ofa remix championship.With a good response from the audience and an originalwork, Pe & Ban was invited to launch the music “Workaholic”by Umek’s label, 1605 Music T herapy, which made theproject be an official member of their cast of artists withmany other tracks released. Pe & Ban were present severaltimes in the Top 100 of Beatport online store and integratedone of the Global Sessions podcasts, by Carl Cox.Caring little about lettering, the duo focuses on producinggood music. T heir secret to success is simple: they lovewhat they do.