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 - Papa Bones


Raised in Los Angeles, CA. where he was first exposed to hiphop and reggae. He also lived in Las Vegas, NV. where he joined up with 119 Junglist Cru and Seattle, WA. where he joined the Culture Yard Sound. Currently in Northern Cali. Papa Bones records acapella songs in his own brand of reggae/raggamuffin/junglist/hiphop style.Papa Bones has recorded over 3000 Vocals for Sampling, Chopping and Remixing. Unbelievably, Papa Bones is an unsigned talent. Skilled in: Freestyle Ragga - Roots Reggae - Dub - Trap - HipHop -Jungle/D&B - DubStep - SpokenWord - Experimental - DanceHall - Glitch and Grime.Over 50 remixes can be located on "SoundCloud", along with his own rough and raw vocals set for free download. 50 more remixes are currently in the works. This MC is dangerous and definitely one to watch!!