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 - Oxytek


In each of his sets generous and full of passion, Oxytek mixes electronic sounds from different styles. Perhaps, this is probably why bring his music in one style is difficult. But why explain it in words? Only the music is enough!Several times, he shared the stage with artists like Jack De Marseille, Rodriguez Jr. (ex- The Youngsters), Paul Nazca, DJ T onio, Eric Borgo, D'Jamency, Da Fresh, Madben, Johan Afterglow, DJ Unu, Anton X, Jona, Erell Ranson, Analog Chronicles, N'to, Laurent Caligaris (aka Genome), Nutownproject, Nikkolas Research, David Prap, Normann (aka Monsieur Charles), Vince Noog, Caroline Duris, Chris Milla, Fukito, Ayhasca Ernesto & many others ...Since 2010, Oxytek is increasingly invited to mix at parties whose feedbacks have validated his artistic options. His next challenge will be the transition from vinyls mixes to Live performance based on samples of all his production to make dancing versions... Keep connected !