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Nurhee aka Tonuri started his musical career when he was quite young, giving his first steps into DJying by the age of 16. He grew up in between many sound influen- ces. From 1990 on he has been listening to a lot of different kinds of Black Music. so by that time he used to mix Rap, Hip Hop and Funk, merging and balancing right these styles of music. Nurhee represents the mystic side of Blue Dye, he doesn't opens his mind to other people easily, keeping his soul and emotions preserved. or at least, it takes a while to get into his deepest feelings. And surely that if you ask him a reason for such, his answer will be: "listen to my music - then you will see me and understand me." Nowadays Nurhee has become much more then a DJ only. He is a global artist and musician that combines the best of a few worlds: DJying, music composition, multimedia programmer and label management. He produced tracks like HOPE under his pseudonym "Tonuri" in 1999...