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 - Nunzio Micari


Nunzio Micari was born in Messina March 10, 1990. His love for music began at the age of 11 years and 17 years he played in various clubs in his area. in 2011 he began his career as a producer wit h t he ep "it 's my turn" for the label "prisma record" a few months later, he published another ep "berlin" always "prisma record." At the end of 2011 release "bass no stop "(prisma records) with some success on various digital store. 2012 is an important year in collaboration with alex portarulo ep "my head" (prisma Records), andt hen always comes Undergroove (03,2012) and "t he genius" (06,2012) in memory of steve jobs . In the second half of 2012 Nunzio knows vincenzo battaglia and began t o work wit h his label (diamond rec). Out at the end of November, the "diamond rec compilation vol 4" with "destroy" and after a few days out "tormento" (diamond rec) with a large the end of 2012 is also marked from the "Time Electronika" of seventh ep "Terminal 1" including a remix of vincenzo battaglia and December 28 out on fruit records two "mini joke"