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Nikky is a veteran dj and producer exploding with cutting edge tech house genres boardering from deep to techno. Starting out in 1999, his live performances and production started capturing the masses, following his 2003 release "reddish brown" on a white label which then fuelled a lot more underground releases such as electricity(acid techno) in 2005, also using his talent to produce tracks for independent cinematic releases.Underground techno , jazz, progressive rock, dark wave even some nwobhm which were the influences to nikky's production style , he was never limited to one particular genre and loved all genres of music . Artists such as Squarepusher, Camel, Joe Satriani, Zakir Hussain,Geddy Lee,Victor Wooten,Giovanni Hidalco,Vince Clark,Jeff Campitelli,Jeff Porcaro, and more influenced his love for performing live and producing. Nickky's views on his music is considered a science by him an loves to experiment, through his music bringing eclectic phasing sounds to any fan willing to accept his personal groove .


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