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Necmi -Dirty Prog in Town .. in 2010 while chatting with his labelhead Logic Spin, Necmi asked him how to get his sounds more clean. Logic Spin's respond was „Ey diggi, your sound is dirty and cool, thats what it makes it unique and is working like hell on the floor, so why u wanna change it ? ..follow your way, bro“ and a new genre was born ... Necmi had been testing, playing, fiddling and experimenting with music from a very young age, first beginning this experimentation with a tape and record player creating short samples in the early 80's, after he had been Playing the guitar for several years. In 1992 the electronic movement grabbed him and he started with his first live gig in 1994 called Nashcore on techno raves.Also in the year 1994 he participated in his first psychedelic trance party and was totally taken by this new way of music and by the way to celebrate to trance dance, and tried to get his sound more psychedelic. Afterwards for some years him and his friend Uwe were working on the music project „mystique elements“ together. It was in 1999 that his solo project " Necmi " really began to gain some attention as the most straight kicking live-project in the Rhine-scene. His unique definition of trance is built upon pumping tech house beats and collages of atmospheric samples, reflecting all dance styles that crossed his ears throughout the last 20 years. In 2001 after his first releases on Tatsu rec and his debut album „ sensomotorik“ Necmi gained international Attention and started to play in different countries, clubs and festivals. In 2004 he studied Audio Engineering at the SAE to develop his production skills further. In 2009 necmi started a Project called Nitro & Glycerine with his true love Alice Pi. He balanced his life in these years with his three passions as a musician, an audio engineer and street worker. In 2012 Necmi joined the label PSR Music as labelhead and their A&R Manager. Since then Necmi and Logic Spin are leading PSR musicians with lots of Love and dirty Sounds.