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 - Near Earth Object


Near Earth Object is a dj and producer from the Netherlands. After several years of dj-ing at most of the major technoclubs and radiostations the interest in producing electronic music became more and more important. Years went by, slowly building a good home studio and learning different techniques. This resulted in several small releases on a variety of labels and some remixes for other artists under the name Near Earth Object or alter ego Adam Link. To create an extra platform for releasing music without being limited to styles and boundaries, Program.Records was established in 2010. As a DJ, live performer and a producer Near Earth Object blends styles like techno, electro, house, dubstep and broken beats with many years of experience to form a diverse and interesting mix of contemporary electronic music.


Trance Top 100
Mark Miquel, Shango V, Sunlight Project, Sleep Mode, Rene Ablaze, Synthesia, DJ Sakin, Gnidj, Aleksey Zhahin, DJ Cyber, Equaxion, Fanatic Emotions, Morri, Chris Forward, Mace Ventura, P. Missat, Imperfection, Mujahid, Aura, Danielle Senior, Schakal, Gabriel Miller, M-Rec!, Bvibes, Phyger, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, R.E.L, Dissy, Tiff Lacey, Mark Khoen, Pandora, Astralsound, Thomas Pryce, Dani Bosco, Special, Shympulz, The Flowmasterz, Tumultus Simplex, Matt O Neill, Raz, John Iuliano, Oldschool Rocker, Grigory Prometey, Bardalimov, Creative Response, Vincent Dacosta, Tom Sawer, Skyline Live, Brian McCarthy, Shahruh, DJ Overlead, Claudio Fiore, Gianni Paradiso Dj, Ron Ewens, Jenny Johnston, Stana, Qbass, Paw Luk, Klaus Berner, Thomas Florence, Tury, Trancelovers, Justyna, Moonbranch, Veselin Tasev, DJ Emeriq, DJ Drop, Johann Stone, Fortuna, Casus, Airosource, Steklo, Cold Rush, Dimo Van Kos, Nivanoise, Cem Esgen, Near Earth Object, DJ Axel F., Stefan Viljoen, Mauro Panello, Rowla, John Ov3rblast, Zmily, Victor Lyalchuk, Subzone Project, Matthew Kramer, DJ Dag, Lightwave, H.E.R.O., Mhfm Project, Holly, Thec0mand3r, Ewens, Smyth, DJ Satore, DJ Eunostos, Exit Mars, Roxfield, Freddy Aerox, Mr Edgy, Jay-c Richards, George Martinos, Caled, TrancEye, Onehundred, Mosahar, Bvibes, The Qmaster, Feedback, B. Bone, Cdj`s Vibo Bros, Mindrunner, DJ Jurgen, Dj Spaxx, Martin Hughes, Pete Smyth, DJ Cyber, Sanderland, Edgar Tapia, Johan De Kock, DJ Gard, Planet Bass, Larox, Gymir
Trance Gold Records | 2012-08-02