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 - Nacho Riveros


Juan Ignacio Riveros best known as Nacho Riveros was born on October 11th, 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age his passion was music. At the age of eight, thanks to his parents, he began studying guitar and music theory.In 2001, Nacho discovered electronic music. After a long time, at the age of seventeen, he started to take his first steps as a DJ and became interested in producing electronic music.From 2009 to 2011, he studied Electronic Music Production at EMBA (Music School of Buenos Aires).Nacho has signed with various labels around the world such as 5 and Dime Recordings, Shelving Music, Headset Recordings, Mood You Records, Deep Nota Records, among others.His music has been supported and played by artists like X- Press 2,Addex,Sasha Le Monnier,BlackAlley,Loz Goddard, Tony S, Rishi K., Juan Lombardo, Alvaro Smart, Angelo Draetta, Jeremy Juno, Jero Nougues and many others. Currently, Nacho also makes music with his alias 'Riveros Project'. In this project, he produces styles such as Dub, Dub Techno and Ambient.