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After their seminal, 2008 slo-mo disco classic "Boutade" 12' on Ewan Pearson's Misericord imprint (a track that simply refuses to die, recently featured on Tensnake's "In the House" massive compilation for Defected while being still on high rotation in Andrew Weatherall's sets today and tagged by London's Phonica records as their "most requested release ever") and a massive follow-up , Yanja", also released in 2008 (on Rob Mello's Disco 45 imprint) that became a permanent fixture in both Michael Mayer & Sven Vath's sets, Mugwump's Geoffroy & Kolombo 's sonic odyssey took off and they both rapidly achieved building together what has become an impressive collection of genre-defying dance 12's plus exclusive compilation tracks, not only on some of the most influential European techno labels (Cocoon, Gigolo, R&S and mainly on Kompakt of course), but also on fledging cosmic/disco imprints such as Eskimo, Permanent Vacation, Endless Flight/Mule Musiq, International Feel and The Rapture's buzzing NYC Throne of Blood label, with support by the likes of Michael Mayer, Sven Vath, Andy Weatherall, Craig Richards, Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson, Sasha, Tiga, Brodinski, Trevor Jackson, Hot Chip, Damian Lazarus, Mark E, Dominik Eulberg, Dubfire, Michael Reinboth, DJ Hell, Chris Duckenfield or Kiki to name but a few, broadly showcasing the appeal of their highly anticonformist and forward-thinking music spectrum... They've recently also completed loads of remixes for bands such as Canada's Shout Out Out Out Out (with extra Emperor Machine & Headman mixes) or the UK's O.Children (on Deadly), plus mixes for cool imprints such as On the Prowl (Runaway's label in NYC), the UK's Under The Shade, France's Astrolab, Belgium's Doctor Vinyl , Spain's Love Monk, NYC's CCC and Throne of Blood, plus original edit/track for Ivan Smagghe's latest 'edits' compilation or the solo Geoffroy Mugwump 's release for Internatonial Feel's IFEEL edits label (together with Pete Herbert). Kolombo has also completed solo material for Kompakt too. Mugwump are both now intensely busy finalizing the release of their debut full LP with loads of cool vocal featurings from Norwegian disco hero Mungolian Jet Set, The Rapture's Luke Jenner, Circlesquare (K7!/Output), Von Spar (Italic/Output), Sami "Morpheus" Birnbach (from 80's punk-funk/rock icons Minimal Compact and the mythic SSR label) plus Brussel's psychedlic rock act Spookuisje. DJ-wise, GEOFFROY MUGWUMP & KOLOMBO both share a solid experience of working different crowds with an obviously broad range of electronic dance music and an ability of playing long sets with electronic house, cosmic techno or low-slung disco, and a hint of forgotten) classics. KOLOMBO & GEOFFROY MUGWUMP also do perform their semi-live sessions together, as MUGWUMP DEX n FX, tweaking new & unreleased versions of all Mugwump tracks with added keyboards, fx and samples, live in the mix AND also play driving MUGWUMP dj sets together or separetely.