Key Commands
 - Mr. Aka


In the year 1993 Mr. AKA had his first contact with hardelectronic music and this was the point he knew, he has todo the same. After some senselessness with his C64 andan Atari 1040ST without the right software, it was time for aPC. In the following years he got more and more inside ofelectronic music. After some illegal parties, he and somefriends planned bigger hardcore and techno parties in Z oro,Leipzig with up to 300 people. 2000 he started his own labelLT S Records for some Hardcore Stuff and began to releaseon other labels like Strike, Kellermusik, Miditonal, B2K, BadBack. In 2003 he became as RDR resident act in thelegendary club 10/40 in Leipzig. At the same time he startedwith his projects Intoxication and Mr. AKA for making somemore quite an intelligent music.