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 - Mot!v


MOT!V is a Russian musician and composer who bridges multiple genres including trip-hop, hip-hop and jazz. MOT!V got the prize of the remix contest for the best remixing of the song of KOOQLA band, since then his popularity hasstarted to grow. The first MOT!V ‘s album “ORGAN!C P!ANO” was released in 2014. This album fully reflects his talent in creating emotional and melodically music.The most outstanding characteristics of MOT!V’s music are recognizable and very catchy melodies. Do you like the music full of emotions? Then you definitely should have MOT!V’s tracks in your MP3-player.Besides making up his own tracks MOT!V makes remixes. He uses jazz arrangements which are so typical to him. Another feature of MOT!V’s music is the female vocal, which is mainly used during the live performances.MOT!V also performs as a DJ. He says he does it just for fun, but his music is full of lyrical and positive vibes.