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 - Morgasm


Towards the end of 80s, French DJ and beat producer MORGASM began to develop an interest in the emerging scene of Dance & Groove music.After cutting his teeth practicing at local clubs in the west of France in the early 90s, it wasnt long before parisian's promoters and fans asked him to come and rock parties in the capital city with his energetic mixes.Years by years, he began to spin more extensively, touring Europe and North America/Canada, North Africa, Asia and South America.A hard worker and self-described music addict, MORGASM started two vinyl labels in 1998 to produce his own tracks as well as those of other French artists.Many of the his tracks from this era have been playlisted and supported by big international names, and appear on numerous compilations.An excellent editor and producer, he is highly respected for his trademark blend of remixes, bootlegs, and everything from 70's hits to actual sounds.