Key Commands
 - Moncho Sanchez


At an early age he began to be interested in music, is when you start taking violin lessons and music theory at the conservatory of music in your city(Pue rt o llano ).At the age of 15 years left the conservatory and discover electronic music. It is from that moment begins when you learn more about the world of dj and techniques that exist to mix with vinyl.His musical influences come marked by the sound of Detroit techno and more forceful developed by Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, obscurum, regis .. His performances are defined by excellent musical selection and a waste of technical quality.A part in raves and events throughout the area of real city, but a few years ago when he starts to visit major halls throughout the Spanish territory as FABRIK or FAMILY CLUB. He has shared the stage with the likes of Dave Clarke, Octave One, Robert Hood, Exium, CHRISTIAN Wunsch, Ben Sims, The Advent, Paul Boex, Joton, NUKE, KAZU KIMURA, Len Faki ..... In 2010 is when you start to explore the world of production, which tries to show in his tracks the significance of techno he has published in national labels as: Newrhythmic rec, Big Punch records, flexiblerec, dakoa records, 2010 Starrett underground, dark garden, superdrive records, anecdote records ....Moncho Sanchez will continue to try to demonstrate their full potential in the cabin, moving the dance floor at the end of the task is a dj. .....