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 - Moduloktopus


Born from a combination of apocalyptic sounds and mind expansive visuals, Dominican artist Wigbert Caro created Moduloktopus as an outlet for his melting pot of musical influences and head-warping journeys in sound design & sonic climaxes.His musical palette proves to have no borders with productions ranging from House, Breaks, Glitch, Electroacoustic, Experimental Dubstep, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Future Garage & many more varying hybrids. The live shows offer a diverse taste in genres, zestful guest performers, and the ability to chameleon his way in and out of various electronic music scenarios. Witht he prime goal of bridging t echnology wit h a vivid imagination, Wigbert Caro is on a mission to paradigm shift the protocosmic sounds of MODULOKTOPUS to moderntimes.A lineup of various originals and remixes for artists such as Alex Blum, Fatcamp, Gabriela Lenka, The Kids Are Radioactive, Brite Lite Brite, and many more, are scheduled to be released in later in the year.