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DJ, producer Miss Jennifer was born and raised in Queens, New York. While completing her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Hunter College City University of New York, what began as a hobby at a weekly residency in a local night club in Queens, had turned into Miss Jennifer. Her passion for music was so loud and contagious, her career in New York at grew in numbers at an unbelievable rate. Before she knew it, she was one of the pioneer female DJ's leading the music trend throughout the East Coast of the United States.Miss Jennifer was hired as the first DJ in history to play at the New York Stock Exchange (from the bell podium) for the 2012 Kairos Society Global Summit private event. Featured in the Miami Winter Music Conference every year since 2009, she played main stage Black and White New York at Govenor's Island and Voodoo with Chriss Vargas in Boston, MA. Outside the US Miss Jennifer performed at the Ministry of Sound World Tour Festival in Barbados, as well as events in other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico. Her musical sets expand past all boundaries. You can expect to hear anything from percussive to deep, techno, house or tech house, mixed with samples from anywhere that fit the vibe she's creating at that particular moment.Artistically she plays with different sounds to generate a shared superior mood.Her first compilation Nervous Nitelife: Miss Jennifer on Nervous Records, made top 200 Dance albums chart on iTunes in its first day of sales. Including her first original track 'Letting Go ft. Alejandra Salas', which hit top 100 house chart on Beatport in its first week of sales. In summer of 2013 she released her second compilation "Vibeology" on Nervous Records. This compilation included four original tracks, and her remix of 'Addiction ft. Rebecca Lullio' that became NYC's 2013 summer anthem.With the help of an amazing team including management DP Productions NYC, Miss Jennifer is now in circulation for almost every big room club on the East Coast. There are also plans now in the works for Europe and South Asia tours. Miss Jennifer holds a monthly late night Vibeology Sessions party on Saturdays at Pacha NYC. She also continues to develop and expand her Vibeology brand. Vibeology represents the idea that she believes is the reason people grow addicted to music. Jennifer senses that there is something about music that strips everyone on a dance floor, and for a moment makes them free of their everyday life. Music creates a mutual euphoric atmosphere, or a 'vibe'. A powerful bond that for a moment can make a whole room fall in love. Mixing her computer science background with her present career in music, she transformed the idea of a vibe into a science.Jennifer believes that like learning and creating computer technology, to learn and read a large audience, one must have great analytical skills. Directly inspired by the people, her determination and dedication create an unforgettable musical production with each performance. She aspires to guide the social atmosphere to a new level through her unique sound, versatility and a deeper sense of connection through Vibeology.