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 - Mindstorm


Matt Aiudi a.k.a. Mindstorm got his first taste of Drum & Bass at the age of 13 after listening to the album "New Forms" from Roni Size & Reprazent. Being a bassplayer heavily influenced by jazz music at the time, the basslines on the track "Brown Paper Bag" matched with the drums served as the perfect introduction. Over the course of the next 10 years whilst experimenting with music production in a number of different genres, he solidified his position as a Drum&Bass producer in the summer of 2009. For the past two years Matt has been building and cultivating his self-owned Drum & Bass/Dubstep label Mindstorm Records while continuing to produce regularly for his label as well as others. Quickly becoming one of the producers to look out for in the coming year, Matt has been gaining support from DJ's and fellow producers alike from all parts of the world as well as suppport from a number of radio stations such as BassDrive and BBC Radio 1.