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 - Michal Jablonski


Michał Jabłoński, also known as Seq, Sequence and Little Man represents Warsaw's electronic music scene. He first got into synthetic sounds after a visit to the (now defunct) Paragraf 51 club, but it was in Przestrzeń Grafenberga that his musical journey truly began. It was there that he started to DJ on turntables, but was quickly drawn to a new, far more interesting phenomenon - the live act.He first presented his own productions at the No Mercy club, during one of the periodic parties held by the Horry Tone audiovisual project. Michał's music is not restricted to a particular genre, but rather an experiment involving dubstep, house, minimal, idm, detroit, techno and drum and bass. Currently, he prefers raw, energetic techno above 130bpm. Below that tempo he often ventures into dub techno, filled with spacey chords, noises, natural soundscapes and an intensely positive vibe.