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Mendex is a 20 years old Mexican DJ/producer currently living in Mexico City.His start in the electronic scene has a history since age 13, when he began to develop his love for electronic music. Over time achieving the use of CD Players and later Vinyl turntables. It was in 2011 when he began his stage as a producer, under the influences like Daft Punk, deadmau5, Justice, Tiesto and more. Gradually getting involved in the electro house genre, led him to release his first EP on the most famous electronic music digital store "Beatport".In 2013, a stage of evolution and reform began, he began experimenting in the genre of House and Techno. With this, leading him to create the "John Mendex" project, a completely different from the original project. Influenced by the rhythms of Crazibiza, DJ Dan, slideback, tradelove, among others, focuses on a more melodic genre. Holding the pen name of John Mendex, he achieve his first remix release in beatport (Tesla by Hever Weekend).Currently Mendex continues to produce under both pseudonyms and great musical ideas in the future are expected.Top Sales in Circus Freak RecordsSigned on various labels including: Digital Empire Records, Complex Digital Records, RockDaHouse Records, Arenas Recordings, among others