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MAXX has been doing what he knows best for the last fifteen years: DJing and producing pioneering, head- banging techno to an ever-increasing, dedicated crowd of revellers that appreciate his creative flair and unique DJing skills. Having cut his cloth in the London free-party scene, MAXX quickly cemented his reputation as a technically accomplished DJ with an ear for quality, genre-transcending techno.Not content with a solid track-record of pulling in the crowds at various venues in Europe and beyond, he has launched his trend-setting label Polymeric that has released tracks that have continually topped the techno charts. He has also been a regular contributor to other major labels.With a number of successful collaborations under his belt, he is currently working on various solo projects which will no doubt secure his prominence as one of the industry's leading and in demand artists.


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Mario QL, Fallhead, Sobar, Gorziza, Beton Project, Joris Mulen, Jan Fleck, Pierre Deutschmann, Jerome Zambino, Dan Marko, Yuki Makoto, Chris Immanuel, George Bucci, Corvin Burrell, Jack Shepherd, Troy Mandalon, Simon X, Maxim Rave, Luigi Pastore, Acrylite, Tim Grohte, Hardstep, Mat Holtmann, Dean Amo, Pagalve, S Sider, DJ KoT, Nightnoise, Catmer, Jim Panse, Bizabit, Age Of Broken Mind, Mnmlistique, Indiano, Heisenberg, Underverse, Kristoff Georg, Djase Dub, Denny Marble, DJ Raul Sete, Syncope, Ascon Bates, Jared D, D!e Zwe!, Pep, Ultimate Breakers, Armando Biz, Diablo, D-Quattro, Didi Gatteau, Jeff Keenan, Terence Tobak, Vova Potapenko, Alex Aglieri, Ilya Brovkin, Niki Taylor, Maxx, Tek-Tunes, DJ Chuggs, Andrei Freitas, Pierre Braun, Rafa, Clink Clank, Roger Burns, Andrea Casula, Tony Anatone, Macgregor Des Ziris, Sobar & Gorziza, DJ Any, Teddy Sambuki, Captain Johnson, Pasquale Maassen, Spark Taberner, Denis Underground, Freak Mc Nasty, Minitronix & Krestovsky, Joe Maker, Ernest B, Gabriele Rega, Jey Pee Razz, Permanent State, Ben Quarman, Damolh33, Instigator, M.A.D.A., Divkid, Sakito, Emanuele Piersanti, Andy Hardie, Kälter & Draußen, Gr-Oy, Gamut, Kaiacid, Ferze, Worx, 7zehn, Ducksfunk, Tobias Hoermann, Whan, Brunno Santos, Two Bearded Men, Jan Cooper, Mind's Stealaz, Madrem, Spark Taberner, Electrogramm, DJ Valio, Danny F, Andrea Viniolla, Cristian Glitch, Amine Chb, DJ Dinzus, Sakito, Virgil Enzinger, Tech One, Ritzi Lee, Marc Systematic, PsyTox, Armando Biz, Aceton, Tiktaponika, Meiko, Logotech, Stephan Koenigk, Javier Orduna
Muenchen | 2011-12-01