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 - Matteo Candura


Matteo Candura, was born January 9, 1989 in San Cataldo and lives in Caltanissetta, in Sicily ( Italy ) . Grown in a family with wide musical tastes, Matteo discovered his passion for music at the age of 6-7 studying Piano, and joining a few years the Higher Institute of Musical Studies (Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance) in Caltanissetta where he obtained the Diploma in Piano. Next to the study of piano, he started to play the Alto Saxophone, to DJ'ing, to discover new musical technologies . Recently ,as Producer of House Music/DeepHouse/TechHouse and ProgressiveHouse. Matteo has received some contractual proposals for his production by various International Record Labels( 040-Recordings / Hi-Bias Records Inc. / Undercool Productions / Code2 records / Big Mamas House Records / Rich & Glorious Records / LAD Records / etc.). Matteo now takes lessons at the Music Conservatory of Benevento in order to obtaint he Academic Second level Degree in the Applied Music Multimedia Contexts and to compose Film Score,etc.