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 - Martin Teysera


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1980, Martin Teysera wasraised in a family of musicians, directly receiving theinfluences of classical music, jazz and rock. At the age of 19,he started playing acoustic guitar and producing electronicmusic, experimenting between drum’n bass, house andtechno and developing a distinctive sound based on groovyrhythms, experimental sounds with sampling.In order to create a stable platform of expression forMontevideo’s talented electronic producers, Martin Teyseralaunched the netlabel Ouzomusic in 2004. T hat same year,he teamed up with his friend Ian Lampel to form Gezumo –an original musical experiment blending electronic patternswith Uruguayan traditional genres as Candombe and Murga.On April 2005 he went on to cross the Atlantic and moved toValencia, Spain, as part of the duo project Monoblock, whichimmersed Martin in the european electronic dance scene.Monoblock released EPs on labels of importance likeCynosure, Archipel and Airdrop, among others. Many of theirproductions were regularly supported by weighty DJs suchas Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Mike Shannon orMathias Kaden.After his adventure in Spain, Martin decided to continue hisown musical journey and moved to Berlin, Germany,releasing his first solo EP on Mike Shannon’s Cynosurelabel as well as founding his label “Herencia Records”.