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 - Markus Winter


you heard it at the radio, saw it at the tv show – markus winter a whizkid from munich - official egoFM deejay - producer of club bangers like „Electro love song“(Swings Records), „Juicy Fruit“, „Rock Steady“, „The ace“(Kontor records).......remixer of tracks like jean claude ades „i begin to wonder 2008“, - producer and dj blizzard – also known as turntable hurrican – set..s every dancefloor on fire – he..s rockin.. till the wheels fall of – plays his set with an awesome soundpressure – he let your head bangin..and boogie..s your feet - he pushest ribalist ict echnot ronicminimalt odeepclubelect ronic together to a phenomenal housemusic puzzle, never heard - watch out for his new single- „Kalinda“(Interlabel)– his beats sound like massive bassdrums, punching snares and incredible basslines to move your ass - traveled around the globe with his magic hands and his significant sound – played at places like moscow, kuala lumpur, rome. riga, tallin, bukarest, vilnius, zurich and dont forget berlin – to name but a few – he got..s the masterplan behind the decks – a party without that wizard isnt a party - the guy who runs the Atomic Hoagie Shop – he climbs up to the undefeated heavyweight champion – he never stopps – and wont stopp - that beats everything! Booking Cont act s booking mail


NumberOneBeats Club Tunes - mixed by A.C.K. (incl. 50 unmixed tracks & 3 non-stop DJ mixes)
Masterout, Danny Better, Edy Valiant, John De Mark, Roger Slato, MacRoy, Chris Montana, Etienne Ozborne, Adrian Villaverde, Markus Winter, DJ Shevtsov, Mic E.P., A.C.K., Simon Point, The Whiteliner, Pretty Pink, Qpid, DJ Mind, Darren Bailie, DJ Sammy, Majorkings, Darwin, Backwall, Ann Bailey, Olivier Dacost, Matt Myer, Mola Magan, Stev Dive, Kid Chris, Jerry Ropero, Tom Novy, Abigail Bailey, D.O.N.S., Ely Yabu, Dion Mavath, Falko Niestolik, BK Duke, Yasmin Le Bon, Guru Josh Project, Mark Simmons, Polina, Tom Geiss, Helen, Eric Tyrell, De Vox, DJ Fist, Corey Andrew, Rio Dela Duna, Stev Burton, Noe, Jo Manji, Josh The Funky 1, Christian Vila, Mikael Weermets, Christina Skaar, Martin Eigenberg, David Puentez, Hanna Hansen, Errol Reid, The Nycer, Ivan Project, B.Vivant, VJT, Stephen Pickup, Melih Ask, Mert Hakan, Tatjana Orffe, Oliver Meadow, Narany, Keith Thompson, Maxime Zarcone, David Hopperman, Automann, Ollie James, DJ Pantelis, Chris Rockford, DJ CrEdo, A.C.K., Roger Slato, Masterout, Anthony Ross, Carlos Mendes, Peter Brown, Love N Joy, Tom Tash, Freddz, David Tort, Funkerman, Blacktron, Steve Kid, Sebastien Drums, Rob Adans, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Sean Finn, Chris Moody, Ezzy Safaris, DJ Ortzy, Jesse Voorn, Swanky Tunes, Lauer, Canard, Cristian Moxt, Jean Philips, Alex Del Amo, Nino Anthony, French Government, DJ Groover, Micha Moor, Ricardo Reyna, Sebastien Rebels, Benny Royal, Carl Tricks, Kurd Maverick, Paul Lomax, Kut & Swel, Jerry Ropero, Ross Paterson, Dan Castro, Nick Waters, Stephane Karl, Suat Atesdagli
NumberOneBeats Records | 2011-11-23