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 - Marco Leone


Marco Leone was born in Italy on March 14, 1989, is a dj and producer From an early age, Marco, came into contact with music, thanks to DJ stepfather, always trying to improve its musical content and learn new techniques.His work as a DJ began, like many artists, at home at the age of 9 years, and then kept improving his performances and techniques. Over the years, despite his young age, he began playing a lot of clubs highlighting techniques learned over time, in his DJ sets until he decided to collaborate with his brother forming a project called "THE LION BROTHERS". This project comes from the same passion for music tech house that represent them in the evenings to share wonderful music sound clear, original and stylish.Their DJ-Set represented by back to back shared with artists of great music experience known as local Alterego Club, Les Pois Club, Hill Music, etc. etc.. Today, Marco, continues both projects, THE LION BROTHERS DJ and producer, always with passion and technique.