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Sascha Dolliver is trying to make a name in the music business. In 2009 he started to produce trance music together with Sherano. The first 2 Trance tracks were brought out by ‘Expand Digital’ and the 2 titles of the tracks are “Facelift” and “Raindrops Falling for him massive tracks to remember!! As time went by Sascha and Sherano continue to produce tracks such as “Zero 58”, “Global Experience” Ghostwisper etc.. Big names like, Markus Schulz,Sean Tyas, Suzy Solar, Anne Savage, Mark Young and Fj project responded and supported his tracks… Sascha Dolliver now has his own digital record label ‘Strange Elements’ where he produces his own tracks and other names like Manual Section, Sick and Health joined his company something Sascha is very proud of. Sascha Dolliver DJ and Producer, who might surprise you all in the future!