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MALBET RIEBUnusual choices and unusual sounds without losing reality.From hand clapping to finger snapping, Malbetriebcontinuously tries to challenge his own creativity, lettingemotions be his guide. T his led to several musical cooperations(Sebastian Davidson, Nuno dos Santos, RikWoldring, Andreas Bergmann) and his Samenhang EPhitting the Beatport Top 100 in 2012.What's there to know?Artist name: MalbetriebReal name: NielsYear of birth: 1980Sound: Unusual, sexy, deep, soul.Past gigs:Malbetrieb performed live in Berlin, Naples, Amsterdam andmore.Best gig experience:"Plotzlich am Meer Festival 2013, playing live on Saturdaymorning between Gorge and Dixon. Sunrise, everything...andAwakenings Festival, together with Rik Woldring"Best Paradigm gig:Paradigm Festival 2013.Inspiration:"I get musically inspired by Sasha, Aril Brikha, Tennis, andNuno dos Santos"Favourite dj set-up:2 x CDJ2000, Traktor, Maschine, Kaospad, DJM mixer. "Anda fridge filled with Jaegermeister, Red Bull and beer."You can wake me up at night for:"Sushi and a good cuddle."Nobody knows that...:"I'm a big softy. Intriguing music, films, documentaries, tvprograms or even commercials can really touch meemotionally. Afterwards I always laugh about it, because it'sso silly." My passion:"Making music and just hanging out in my studio. Watchingdocumentaries, spending time with my dog Harrie, my familyand friends. Oh and did I mention making music?"First memory of and/or contact with music:"My whole childhood was influenced by the jukebox and theamazing sound system at home, which belonged to my dad.Sorry paps for ruining it at the end... I can remember playingthe first records I bought on them. It wasn't until I saw T heOrb performing live on Ray Cokes' MTV show that made merealize what I wanted to do in life: turn my moods intomusic."Present:Parody being his residency night at Paradigm, Malbetriebpromises to keep providing us with unusual soundexperiences featuring artists such as DJ Tennis and &ME.Get to know Malbetrieb a little betterWhat, to you, describes that typical Paradigm 'thing' orfeeling? To me, Paradigm represents a unique feeling of being free.Here you can be who you want to be. Besides that, it's aplace where everybody who wants to, can contribute to theevent. From graffiti artists and photographers to bar people.Everyone has the urge and drive to enjoy the audience andlet them experience something different, something unique.