Key Commands
 - M.F.T.D.


In 1954, a US governmental program called The Audio Conveyance Project (ACP) was launched to develop the communication of messages through audio signals.The aim of the program was to control and manipulate the listener through use of certain frequencies, most of which undetectable by the untrained ear. The program after after suffering a large amount of scrutiny because of the funding it required and the unclear intentions of it's goals the program was shut down in 1973.After 19 years of research the amount of equipment used in program was substantial and was in the majority was destroyed. The largest hub for The Audio Conveyance Project was located in Rosemont Illinois close to Chicago O'Hare International Airport.With the knowledge of the Government, research and development employees who had developed the ACP equipment from the hub started to remove it from the premises as it was closed.It was via these friends and family that mysterious house production collective MFTD started to build the largest known collection of Audio Conveyance Project equipment. It wasn't until 1995 that MFTD started to make their mark on the growing house scene coming from the belly of underground Chicago by playing and producing alongside highly respected DJs and Producers such as Green Velvet, Derrik Carter, Brandon Block, Miguel Migs and releasing on highly respected labels including TRAX Records and Paper Recordings it wasn't until early 2000 they started to infuse the ACP equipment with their production and live sets. The combination of subliminal and conscious audio communication MFTD have attracted a inquisitive following every time they release material or play live. With remixes for some of the largest rock bands in the world including Rammstein and Metallica from their Rocktronica collection MFTD continue to go from strength to strength with their bouncing Techno and industrial Chicago House sound taking the listener on a subliminal musical journey.