Key Commands
 - Loira Linda


Was born in padova where since she was a child, understands her passion for music and dancing. For twelve years is agonist of rhythmic gymnastics,then she studied jazz and hip hop and in the end she starts to teach.As a choreographer and a dancer she goes around Italy and Europe: concert,trade fairs and television ( Rai Uno, Canale 5, MTV ... ), conventions and clubs. Precisely the environment of clubs , the figure of dj and "house"culture burns her enthusiasm! So,in 2007 2008, she starts to study and learn the technique, she understands her own style and she starts to work full timeas dj . The love for jazz, soul, hip hop, tribal and passion for dance give shape its taste and sounds that she proposing are a mix electronic with alwayspresent influences of these genres and styles, so different but both exciting and captivating if joined together. She plays for private party, opening,events and clubs. In Italy she played in Papeete and Caino ( Milano Marittima ), Twiga and Bussola ( Forte dei Marmi), Fura, and Crystal ( Brescia),Lidò-Le Panteraie (Montecatini T.), Yab and Costes ( Florence), Jaipur (Brindisi) and many others . In Europe she was in Metropolis Loft (Paris),El Fanar (Sharm el Sheik), Stefano for Ever (Saint Tropez), Privilege (Lugano) and she used to play in Fiesta Club (BXL). She also was in Miami at the WMC'09 and '10 where she plays for the Fashin Tv pool party in Fonteinbleu.Dj Loira Linda is also starting to produce her mus stay tuned and enjoy always with music !