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 - Lizergic


Born in Mexico City, DJ/Producer and Label Owner ofDrogafina, Lizergic started listening to electronic music at ayoung age, influenced by her sister's House records withartists like Junior Jack and Deep Dish. Just a little later, shestarted her musical training (guitar and vocals).It wasn't but until 2009 that Lizergic decides to dedicate herlife to music. After a year of musical experimentation withinmany genres, the electronic music project, Lizergic (formerlyknown as "kandykush"), had officially started.In 2012 she makes her first appearance as a DJ, receivingvery positive feedback. In the same year, she signs a recorddeal with Plusquam Records and releases her first EP,"Lysergamide" under Vertikal Records.In 2013, she signs a deal with Boogie Recordings and HighContrast, among other labels; before kickstarting the projectof Drogafina, her own record label.Her DJ Sets bring together the finest of Tech House andTechno, deep basslines, groovy percussions, funky vocals,intense atmospheres and a little bit of awesome to help youdance your problems away. Leave it all to the music!