Key Commands
 - Lily Ackerman


Since Lily Ackerman started playing classical piano at age eight, music has been a part of her life. Although it took more than twenty years, she eventually evolved from a classical music performer into an electronic music producer. Electronic music came into her life relatively late, in 2010, when she discovered the underground house and techno scene in San Francisco. After spending a year in various clubs and underground locations, she wanted to expand her involvement in the music scene and started producing in late 2011. One year later, while traveling through Africa and Europe, Lily produced a track that became her first release on Mioli Music in March 2013. Lily met Trey Courtney at the now closed 222 Hyde club in San Francisco in late 2011. They teamed up as Tr-Ack, and started producing together in early 2012. Their first release on Mioli Music is set for the middle of 2013.