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 - Klaap


Some insignificant information about Klaap is that Yes! Klaap right after finishing (Sound of Audio Engineering) he got the picture pretty soon and started managing these shifts day and night. Plus Yes! Klaap is a hard worker but this can be assured by his last-decade-coworkers under the name of the legendary companies Steinberg and Tc Electronic. Nonetheless...Yes! Klaap is one of the well known DJs in Athens for his mixing skills in a multiple variety of music genres, this can be confirmed by his powerful fellow DJs Alex Celler, 9West, Minilogue, Extrawelt, Arara, Atmos, Ticon and more, yet by his totally devoted, fanatic and ecstatic audience. Some useful information now...Klaap distinguishes for he combines hip-hop elements together with disco ingredient s all blended deeply and poured into a tech-house groovy-pie, thus consisting of an exceptional music recipe. Remarkable is how smoothly he delivers his disobedient spirit into his compositions and how interactively this works with his crowd. Guided by his favorite quote “It’s okay to disobey” he refuses to compromise and accept the hard times that we live in. Hence, he founds his own label “Disobey” in orderto motivate and challenge both new and experienced artists not to let creativity fade out...more active than ever in the music industry and with no intentions of remaining still.